LG G4 Beat H736P 8GB Octa-core Dual SIM Free / Unlocked (White)


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”The G4 Beat lets you feel the premium design heritage of the G4 in a more compact form. The hammered-array pattern and nature-inspired slim arc design provide perfect grip and a touch of craftsmanship. The G4 Beat’s state-of-the-art, infrared-sensitive color spectrum sensor analyzes and measures all of the visible light within a scene before a short is snapped, ensuring that an image’s colors appear natural and vivid even in dim conditions. 5MP Front Camera With LG’s G4 Beat, multiple selfies means more fun. The 5MP front camera utilizes the convenient and innovative Gesture Interval Shot. Simply opening and closing your hand two times allows for four great selfies to be taken in quick succession. The 5.2”” Display for the LG G4 Beat lets you witness every vivid detail in Full HD. The True IPS Display showcases clearer, sharper images with more accurate, realistic color while In-cell Touch technology provides more responsive control and an experience that lets you feel closer to the action. With In-cell Touch technology the touch sensors are integrated into the display, providing a smoother touch and more responsive feel while at the same time giving clearer outdoor visibility. The 1.5GHz Octa-core capabilities let you experience the power to effortlessly multitask meaning your every need is met. The 2,300mAh battery gives you more powerful performance and longer-lasting life, while being able to swap out the battery means you can worry less and do more. Please check with your carrier for compatibility. We are not responsible for any incompatible issues.”

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